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Salamander PVC Windows
MORE SYSTEMS, ONE STRATEGY The 4 products systems, 2D, 3D, iD and STREAMLINE 76 guarantee not only an improved comfort inside your home, but also prove the Salamander company’s innovative power. But the success is not entirely due to...
Mosquito nets The mosquito nets represent the accessory necessary to complete the PVC joinery installation. Provided in different shapes, the insects nets are the perfect protection against different types of insects. The net can be produced: -...


The great success of a boot called Salamander, produced at the end of the 19th century, made possible that also in the present the company’s name is also SALAMANDER AG.

Salamander and shoes, two inseparable terms, just like the entrepreneurship and inventiveness which characterized the company even since the beginning. Jakob Sigle, the founder of the future Salamander AG, was a pioneer of the industrialized shoes manufacture. In 1885, he founded his company in Kornwestheim, Germany under the name Jakob Sigle – Production and warehouse, all types of shoes.

Searching for a place to produce a new and innovative material for shoes, he bought a property in Turkheim, Bavaria, in 1917.
Here, he founded what it is today Salamander Industrie Produkte GmbH. In 1936, the company develops a material which is called today the artificial leather, bounded leather. 

By continuing its improvement and production methods, the company soon became the world leader in this field. In 1960, the plastic materials production starts by producing heels for feminine footwear.
Then, the plastic components’ production for different industries is diversified.
In 1973, as a part of the company’s diversification, the PVC profiles production branch appears, extruded for windows and doors. In 1985, the UNIVERSAL system is established, with an additional sealing gasket, in 1996, SALAMANDER lays the DESIGN systems’ foundation and in 1998 SALAMANDER releases the DESIGN systems: 2D, 3D, iD, mD.


Our strategy is to continue the outlet’s widening, inside and outside Germany. We accomplish it by identifying new applications for the existent products and also by developing new products. Innovation is the key of success.

By putting this strategy into practice, we achieved a turnover exceeding 100 million Euro in 2011, which means four times more than the one achieved in 1989. We do our best to maintain this increase.

Achieving the highest quality standards that every customer is sure to find in our products, implies team work and implementing and developing the latest technologies. We find innovative solutions for every technical issue, but never forget to work so as to protect the environment. Also, we promote the permanent communication between us and our partners, we offer expert assistance so as our products and services fulfill and exceed our customers’ requirements.
These are the decisive factors to win your confidence, so that you know for sure you have a strong partner.