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The SALAMANDER PVC profiles are:

  • Manufactured exclusively in Germany, in terms of high quality and design

  • Complying with the CEE standard for the entire Europe

  • Certified by INCERC for ROMANIA

 The independent European institutes and INCERC Romania established a 50 years lifetime. The factory warranty is 5 years. The profiles withstand torridity, low temperatures, storms or cloud burst and require minimum maintenance throughout the lifetime. The internal checks, as well as the neutral checks performed by the accredited European institutes guarantee the material and dimensional accuracy, and confirmed by the RAL checking marks and DIN ISO 9001 certificate. Profiles are produced both in bright white, and in order to satisfy the most diverse customer tastes, we also provide profiles covered with special Renolit foil, in wood shades and vivid colors (over 70 colors).


A well executed and mounted window, which includes  SALAMANDER PVC profiles, SIEGENIS fittings and the glass which complies with the regulations in force, must provide a special thermal comfort and also the significant reduction of sound pollution inside your home.
But there are some rules to be respected by the windows’ producer and you should be sure these rules are followed so as the good quality raw material leads to manufacturing a finished product – window – with the same quality.
The window’s technological process and the mounting must obey rules so as to avoid inconveniences such as: condensation, defective tightness, high heat loss, instability over time.


The SALAMANDER PVC profiles are reinforced with galvanized steel stiffeners, with 1,5 or 2 mm thickness according to the profile’s structure and utility. The correct correspondence between the profile’s type and the reinforcement can be found in the technical catalogues which we provide for every window builder. In order to check the existent reinforcement on the mounting site, ask the person who mounts to remove one of the screws used to fasten the steel to the profile and reintroduce the screw at a distance of 1,2 cm from the initial spot. If the screw is hardly inserted it means there is steel reinforcement, if not, ask to prove its existence by drilling the frame or the rabbet and subsequently clogging the hole with a silicone plug. The reinforcement’s correct attachment is performed on the frame’s side which comes into contact with the wall, with drilling screws, at the distance of 250-300 mm and 150 mm from the frame’s corner for white profiles and for brown profiles at a distance of 200-250 mm. On the rabbet, the screws which tighten the reinforcement will be set on the PVC window’s mounting side, the distances being the same. Also, the other profiles such as the beam or mobile mullion which divide the window, must be reinforced with galvanized steel, with the same gripping. 


The water drainage is performed though slits of minimum 5x20 mm included inside the profile, on the top and bottom horizontal sides, at 50 mm from the corner and with a distance of no more than 1200 mm. The external slits are performed on the same dimension, at 150 mm from the corner and with a minimum distance of 1200 mm. It will be hidden by caps. On the frame, instead of the external slits, slits can be set on the frame’s bottom side, if the installation allows, if it’s provided with an uplifting device and space remains between the profile and the external sill.


The PVC joinery seals the room better than the wood joinery. However, providing the joinery elements with controlled ventilation systems is necessary. It can be performed with ventilation orifices on the rabbet, smaller than the regular gaskets, located on the top of the window or with special ventilation systems which can provide including a pollen filter. The slits for water drainage and the ventilation orifices can be checked by reviewing the joinery elements before installation.


The SALAMANDER PVC joinery elements are provided with sealing gaskets for thermal and sound insulation. For the 2D systems, the sealing is performed by using 2 batting gaskets between the frame and the window’s rabbet plus the sealing gasket outside the window and the wand gasket inside the window. In case of the 3D system, the sealing is performed with three batting gaskets, the glass being insulated in the same time with the two gaskets on both sides. 
All the window’s fixed elements include sealing gaskets inside and outside the window. Check the availability of the above mentioned gaskets, as well as if the gaskets are bounded on the joints, except the wand gasket which is bounded by the wand’s extrusion.


The condensation occurs according to three factors: internal humidity, inside and outside air temperature. A kitchen with intensive cooking or the bathroom are rooms with higher humidity, which will be more exposed to condensation. The low interior temperature, profiles or gaskets used with inappropriate parameters (it is not the case with Salamander) are also common factors.


Fittings ensure the joinery elements’ perfect opening and closing and represent an important part of your windows. It must operate easily without hanging and with a closing point on each 800 mm length of the fold. It must include the inferior and superior hinges, actuating handle and actuating mechanism with burglary “buttons” or “mushrooms” for closing. We recommend German, quality fittings for your windows and doors. In order to combine the special quality of the SALAMANDER profile with reliable and efficient fittings, we offer the ROTO NT products to the windows’ builders, one of the most famous German brands. Your joinery’s fittings can be recognized by the logos punched on the closing elements and plastic masking for ROTO NT.


The joinery elements’ mounting in the beneficiary’s home will be made in the masonry’s gap. The window or door will be 10-15 mm smaller than the masonry’s gap on the entire perimeter.
he 10 - 15 mm must be sealed with polyurethane foam which will also ensure the thermal protection. Gripping the frame to the masonry will be made with galvanized sheet mounting anchor or dowels which will drill the frame’s thickness, and masked with plastic caps. The fixing distance will be of 700 mm or maximum 150 mm from the window’s corner. 

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