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76 Streamline System

Shapes Language for each generation

- profiles’ width is 76 mm;

- sound protection 34-47 dB;

- thermal protection 1,1 W/m² K;

- profiles with 5 compartments;

- The construction material can be 100% recycled;

- 2 black silicone gaskets;

- 2 mm galvanized steel fittings;

- pre-punched fittings for doors;

- delivered in white and 5 colors, veneer imitation on both sides; the profiles are easy to clean and require manual maintenance.

- the windows are extremely resistant to atmospheric conditions and never require to be painted or varnished.

- excellent thermal and sound insulation;

- due to the interior walls’ high thickness and the width of 76 mm, an additional resistance is obtained, independent from the fitting available within the profile;

- the system with multiple compartments and the auxiliary profiles with gasket, guarantee a high tightness and an excellent weather protection for any geographical area;

- the window’s outdoor and indoor gaskets are on the same level

- the wing and the frame are harmoniously jointed.

- due to the rounded shapes, the frame’s fold can be easily cleaned.

- all the fittings have a solid grip in the existing fittings

The elements for 90 degrees and variable angle junction, provided with thermal insulation compartments and gaskets, generously sized, which ensure a perfect sealing for the joinery elements. Accessories for the frame, available in different dimensions: 20mm, 60mm and 100mm.
Due to the extremely robust construction of the profile, the windows built in the STREAMLINE system can reach values for the water sealing and air permeability threshold of up to 1050 Pascals, a top value comparing to the systems provided by the other renowned producers of PVC profile systems.
The Streamline 76 series is available in white, in many wood or RAL imitation colors, as well as in any combination of indoor/outdoor colors from the existent palette.
In conclusion, through the exceptional thermal properties, increased mechanical resistance, ideal sound insulation, the Salamander Streamline 76 profiles ensure full satisfaction, complying to any technical or aesthetic requirement.

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